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Artist’s Statement

I am interested in printmaking  as a means of manipulating two-dimensional images.

Printmaking gives me the potential to study the drawing (as a form and as a concept) in many stages so that it becomes precise and exact to what I want to say.

Printmaking also offers the multiplicity of the printed artworks, which are never exactly the same with each other; they preserve the element of surprise and the alternative meanings, depending on the altering of the colour, or the wearing out of the matrix, its new engravings and other manipulations.

The contemplation on my work moves around the sciences of psychology and theatre. My work intends to be contemporary and articulate, and to present concepts I strongly believe that collectively concern people.

Apparatuses and thought mechanisms are transformed into imageries, innuendos and symbols are recruited, for the images to become full and with maximum clarity.

Images hold an apophthegmatic character and to me they seem to be -these images with their contents- my firm everyday achievements. 

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